2017 Data Standards Training – Supplemental: SSVF

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Course Objective:

In addition to completing the 2017 Data Standards training, users in agencies that are funded by SSVF must also complete this supplemental training.

Please refer to the most recent SSVF Program HMIS Manual, the VA Provider Data Guide,  and the 2017 Data Standards Manual which include more information about each of the updated data elements that will be discussed in the training.

At the end of the each lesson there is a quiz that all users must pass with 100% of the questions answered correctly.  Users will have unlimited attempts to take each quiz, but any users who are required to take this training and that have not completed the course as of as of 3/15/18 will not be given an account for our new database (Clarity) until the course is completed.

Important Notes:

  • The training is only for users in SSVF funded projects
  • These users must take the supplemental lessons and tests
  • Users must pass the tests with 100%

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